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SQLRDS Monitoring Service

For each SQLRDS service level there is a predefined list of management and support tasks that are covered by DBInsight DBAs. As you might expect, for the lower service levels the customer assumes more responsibilities, as the service level increases, more responsibilities are assigned to the DBInsight DBAs.

The table below outlines the responsibilities of DBInsight and the customer per SQLRDS service level.

SQLRDS Service Item SQLRDS Monitor SQLRDS Standard SQLRDS Plus SQLRDS Premium
SQL Server Level optimised configuration You Us Us Us
Automated Database and Transaction Log Backup You Us Us Us
Windows/SQL Server patching You Us Us Us
Extend backup file retention for automated backups You Us Us Us
Automated Database Maintenance You Us Us Us
Deploy the Automated in-depth SQL Server monitoring Us Us Us Us
Deploy SQL Monitoring Web Portal to view alerts and performance data Us Us Us Us
Configure Automated daily alert report Us Us Us Us
Configure Automated weekly performance report Us Us Us Us
Configure SMS and Email SQL Server alerts Us Us Us Us
Configure High Availability You Us Us Us
Deploy database components e.g. Table changes, new indexes, stored procedures You You You/Us You/Us
Create new databases ## You You/Us You/Us You/Us
Restore databases for recovery You Us Us Us
Restore databases for development/investigation You You Us Us
Respond to alerts on backup failure You Us Us Us
Respond to alerts on database maintenance You Us Us Us
Respond to alerts on service down You Us Us Us
Respond to alerts on High Availability failure You Us Us Us
Respond to alerts on database configuration You Us Us Us
Respond to alerts on blocking locks You Us Us Us
Respond to alerts on performance threshold exception You Us Us Us
Respond to alerts on disk and/or database space exceptions You Us Us Us
Configure other applications on the server eg IIS You You You You

More Information

At any stage you can contact DBInsight to attend to any of the items specified as "You", however, a charge will apply for the hours consumed.
Discounted 10, 20 and 40 Support hour blocks can be purchased to attend to items specified as "You".
SQLRDS Plus/Premium have built-in support hours per month to monitor the environment and attend to alerts.
## DBInsight can create new databases if directed by the customer. This is recommended if you have chosen a high availability add-on

Support Service Levels

The table below describes the support service levels for each SQLRDS service option.

Support Service Item SQLRDS Monitor SQLRDS Standard SQLRDS Plus SQLRDS Premium
Support Timeframes Mon-Fri 8:30am to 5:30pm Mon-Fri 8:00am to 6:30 pm
Afterhours call out available
Mon-Fri 8:00am to 6:30 pm
Afterhours call out available
Mon-Fri 8:00am to 11:00 pm
Sat-Sun 9:00am to 11:00pm
Response Time for Critical Alerts Same Business Day 2 Hours on Same Business Day 1 Hour on Same Business Day 1 Hour on Same Business Day Mon-Fri
2 Hour on Same Day Sat-Sun
Response Time for Non Critical Alerts Next Business Day Next Business Day Same Business Day Same Business Day Mon-Fri
Next Business Day Sat-Sun

Requesting Support

To request support you can either :-

  • Click the Request Support link on the SQLRDS Website
  • Email sqlrdssupport@dbinsight.com.au with your support request.
  • Contact the DBInsight operator on 1300 914 460 and provide your SQLRDS Client main email address, contact details , brief description of your request. This information is then forwarded to one of our On-Call/Support DBAs who will then contact you.

SQLRDS Monitoring Service includes a number of service plans including a self-service SQLRDS Monitor to fully managed service options

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Kind words from our valued customers

Testimonials Icon “We found the DBInsight Monitor tool to be a highly effective way of monitoring the performance of our mission critical servers. In particular it has provided us with detailed information about our SQL environment, including internal SQL memory pressure, blocking locks root cause and VM Snapshot backup failures due to overruns. This has allowed us to take a more proactive view to problem solving, and therefore a saving in time and other important resources.”

Jim Gordon, IT Manager, Deaf Services Queensland

Testimonials Icon “DB Insight has been utilised by our group of companies for several years. I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are fast, competent and professional. They have solved every problem we have encountered and the service is outstanding. We simply cannot speak highly enough of them. They communicate in laymen’s terms (Plain English), explain what they have done and their charges are very fair and reasonable. We have had no hesitation in recommending Rob and the team to other organisations in our industry. We wish Rob and the team all the best! Thank you sincerely for all your efforts.”

Craig Young, Director, Impact Financial Services, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Testimonials Icon “When we engaged DBInsight to perform a comprehensive SQL Server health check, we had great expectations. But then we got so much more than we expected. Expertise and attention to detail is second to none. Our system is so much better for it now.”

Martin Kammann, Owner, Autag Pty Ltd, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Testimonials Icon “Thank the 7 gods we found this bloke. We have had a pile of crap dumped on our lap many times thanks to other incompetent IT providers and Rob has been the one to sort it out. In fact, he is considered the Grand Wizard of SQL by us. Rob, despite being a QLD’r, clearly does not sleep. We have had alerts at ridiculous hours and Rob has fixed them. No issue. If only we could sprinkle Rob Dust on all of our IT providers. Now nobody likes IT people because they speak a different language and send you big bills that you understand even less. Rob is unique in that he speaks English (IT perspective) and his bills are modest. In short, we like Rob. We like DB Insight. Use them.”

Craig Young, Director, Impact Financial Services, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Testimonials Icon “As a tech startup with a global market, we had to ensure that our database was scalable, secure and highly available. We engaged DBinsight as our virtual DBA and Rob has been absolutely brilliant. Using SQLRDS Monitoring tools, Rob and team are alerted to and respond to any issues before we are aware of them. I couldn’t recommend DBInsight more highly.
Whether you are a startup or a mature business, if you value your data, then you need to ensure that the right expertise is at hand always. Rob is the best SQL DBA technically, speaks in plain English (not tech speak) and is a pleasure to work with. Do your business a favour and call DBInsight.”

Aidan Gani, Chief Technology Officer, WorkApp Pty Ltd

Testimonials Icon “We have been relying on Rob from DBInsight to help with our Azure SQL Server database since September 2015.We initially engaged him when our database was at 60GB and we were experiencing high CPU/IO, whilst on the highest pricing tier offered by Azure SQL (at the time it was P3).
He quickly got our queries under control, but more remarkably, with his continued help we were able to remain on the same pricing tier as our client base more than doubled and our database grew to over 800GB.
Recently, just as it looked like we were going to have to scale up due to database size, Rob helped out again and reduced the database to less than half – thus allowing us to remain on the same pricing tier for the foreseeable future.
Rob has also provided SQL training to my team which was great in raising the overall awareness of what to consider when writing application code that will invariably require access to the database.
So Rob has saved us money – no doubt about it – but there is something more important and valuable to us – Rob provides us peace of mind – knowing that he is always there to help fix the database when things go wrong – to me, that is priceless.
Having Rob help out when required is a great solution for us, and in my opinion more effective and cost effective than an inhouse DBA. Rob gains experience from helping out a bunch of clients which means that he can always recommend new and improved ways that we could/should do things.
'To Rob, I say, thanks heaps for all your help over the years – you have kept us running.
Not surprisingly, I definitely and unequivocally recommend Rob and DBInsight to any organization with a database – be it, on-prem or cloud.”

Mike Van Radars, Inspect Real Estate

Testimonials Icon “Using the DBInsight monitoring service, has given us invaluable insights to our HADR environment. Along with the support provided by DBInsight it has given us the comfort and confidence to focus on further expanding our business.”

Rob Camilleri, CIO, Money3

Testimonials Icon “Going the extra mile”
“No matter how big or small the task, DBInsight have always shown a high level of professionalism and commitment to doing the task right. DBInsight address more than just the task at hand: going the extra mile to document and plan against possible issues that may arise in the future.”

Roy Adams, RACS Director

Testimonials Icon "The SQLRDS Plus service provides peace of mind that the fundamentals of our mission critical database services are expertly monitored and managed. Beyond this, access to a highly experienced team of DBA consultants has helped us improve application performance, maximise the use of our cloud resources, and enabled us to deliver a more responsive service to our customers."

David Perske, Director, Resolution Technology